Quality is invisible

Software quality if one of those things you don’t tend to notice unless it’s really missing.

I’ve been working in this industry for well over 7 years now, across several companies and a dozen different teams.

Though my experience with QA is quite varied - from large corporations, through small businesses and startups, it mostly boils down to one thing.

Testers make you and your company look good

Modern software testing is all about collaboration, exploration, and feedback. Long gone are the days of mindless clicking around all alone in the corner. QA bridges the gap between technology and business.

In the immortal words of James Bach and Maaret Pyhäjärvi,

Testers don’t break code, they break your illusions about the code.

Software development

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, I started helping out with software development for a small B2B Rails app as a side project. Apart from the extra programming experience, doing development as a tester has helped me gain new insight into both fields.

On working remotely

I had the pleasure of contracting for US based company not too long ago, and working remotely has become a staple for my lifestyle since then.

Working remotely offers the best of both worlds - you get to work for an amazing company regardless of where it’s located, but also do so from an awesome place (wherever this may be).

After spending a couple of years working from my home office and trying out some of the coworking options in town and abroad, I finally settled in at Puzl. Hands down, the best coworking place in my part of Europe.

What gets me excited about software testing

  • quality over quantity
  • collaboration
  • automation
  • exploratory testing
  • UX

What gets me bored

  • mindless clicking around
  • meeting limbos
  • lack of leadership
  • aimlessness
  • ignorance

Want to work together?

You can get a copy of my resume here here.