One of my first childhood memories involved me disassembling my dad’s electronics, though I don’t quite remember if this curiosity of mine always involved putting them back together again.

Twenty something years later, I firmly believe that the act of making something is one of the most profound characteristics of us as a species.

Here’s the thing - I like to make stuff. All sorts of stuff! Most of my projects are born as a cool little ideas, hacks and fun gadgets, though I occasionally dab into artsy stuff as well.

A few of the more notable things I’ve made, in no particular oder:

  • secret library door
  • renovated a nearly dumped antique elk trophy (I named him George and he lives in my home office now)
  • Alexa enabled sound reactive 3D printed art installation (think Venus de Milo, but cheekier)
  • several arcade cabinets (Raspberry Pi & junk computer equipment)
  • 3D printed geometric chess set (available here)
  • a bunch of automated vivariums for exotic poison dart frogs
  • a wearable thing I called Klikr
  • battery powered electric longboard
  • wheel beer of fortune

A few tools and technologies I currently use:

FDM Original Prusa MK2 (well over 1500 print hours)
DLP Anycubic Photon (approaching 200 print hours)
CAD Fusion360, Blender
Arduino, Raspberry Pi and compatibles Adafruit and Sparkfun
woodworking, CNC, welding Smarfbablab

A few projects I have on deck:

  • I’ll be hosting a (very) experimental Arduino workshop in early August (there’s still one free slot)
  • currently prototyping prosthetic covers for BK amputees in collaboration with a local prosthetic center
  • a wearable device that transforms various sensor inputs into sound using bone conduction transducers (Python collaborators wanted)
  • IoT organic light fixture made out of molded silicone and epoxy resin

Want to make something cool together? Let me know!